Success Stories

Social Marketing Campaign

Developed and executed award-winning water demand management program to raise awareness of water system supply and demand issues, and to modify lawn watering behaviors. Program used a mix of partnership marketing, media relations, policy changes and direct customer communications. Result: A 10-15% drop in summertime average daily use.

Crisis Communication Management

Led a multi-year crisis communications effort to combat a minority group’s attempt to condemn their water system due to perceived contamination of their community well system. Utilized full scale of community relations, media relations and messaging of sound science to change attitudes and knowledge about the issue. Result: A majority of community residents signed a petition stating they “love” their water, trusted the utility, and wanted to keep the system in place. Millions of dollars in costs were avoided.

Comprehensive Re-branding Project

Led a multi-year effort to develop a new trade name for a water utility. Conducted research to identify issue, worked with cross functional teams to develop new name and logo. Oversaw implementation and incorporation of new brand image into all materials. Result: Post launch surveys indicated greater recognition and awareness of the organization.

Social Media/Online Advertising

As part of a team, assisted in the development of an integrated social media and online advertising campaign to promote awareness of storm water issues, to effect positive behavioral changes with pet waste pickup, oil changing, and lawn fertilization and to encourage subscription to a monthly newsletter. Result: The program experienced a large increase in targeted audience subscribers to its online monthly newsletter.

Integrated, Multi-jurisdictional Campaign

Chaired a team of regional water utility communicators in the development and execution of a multi-year regional campaign to promote with one message and many voices, the need for wise water use. The campaign was based on research and used a mix of partnership marketing, community relations and public service advertising. Result: Post campaign surveys indicated higher awareness among regional residents of where their water comes from and why and how to use water wisely.

National Integrated Marketing Campaign

Developed and executed national marketing strategy to recruit small business to join the EPA’s volunteer program and make investments in energy efficiencies with quick paybacks. Result: EPA’s Energy Star program met its annual partnership target goals in its first year.

Local Public-Private Partnership Campaign

As part of a team, connected Montgomery County’s Department of Environmental Protection with county garden and hardware retailers to promote safe identification, collection and disposal of household hazardous wastes. Result: The County was able to divert tons of household hazardous waste from the landfill, while also developing positive relationships with community businesses and residents.

Issue Advocacy Campaign

On behalf of a Virginia paper mill, created a successful education and outreach program to promote recycling of milk cartons and drink boxes. Result: The campaign effectively thwarted the school system’s plan to introduce milk pouches into its lunch program.